What We Do

The Center for Open Data Enterprise works to improve the open data ecosystem in three ways. In the U.S. and internationally, we host interactive ROUNDTABLES, conduct user-centered RESEARCH, and provide TOOLS & TRAININGS for greater application of open data.


These interactive convenings bring government agencies together with their data users to help identify high-value datasets, find solutions to data problems, and establish new collaborations. The Roundtables include presentations, discussions, and breakout sessions to produce an action plan and published report. Each Roundtable can focus on a single agency’s work or a cross-cutting area of interest.  We host three types of Roundtables: interagency, agency-specific, and topical.

  • INTERAGENCY: Our Interagency Roundtables tackle wide-ranging issues relevant across government data providers. In 2016, the Center co-hosted Interagency Roundtables with the White House to identify best practices across the federal government and support the development of national open data guidelines.
  • AGENCY-SPECIFIC: Our Agency Roundtables are designed to help individual agencies and departments find the greatest potential value in their data. These Roundtables bring together stakeholders with policy, legal, and technical backgrounds to develop solutions for specific agencies. Previous Agency Roundtables have helped develop data roadmaps and concrete recommendations for eight U.S. federal agencies.
  • TOPICAL: Our Topical Roundtables are designed to develop solutions on specific issues such data privacy, data quality, sharing research data, and public-private collaboration. Topical Roundtables may also focus on utilizing data for a particular sector or objective.


The Center’s research provides insights, best practices and recommendations on utilizing and investing in open data for social good and economic growth. Our reports, white papers, and policy notes provide an overview of current open data applications, facilitate analysis of trends and opportunities, and provide recommendations for management and use of open data. The Center conducts research and produces white papers on:

  • DATA POLICY: Our research focuses on developing government policy recommendations for open data management, infrastructure, capabilities, and alignment with public services. For example, our Open Data Transition Report, a nonpartisan report addressed to the new U.S. Presidential Administration, presents an action plan for  a continued government commitment to open data.
  • SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Our research and reports on open data for sustainable development focus on utilizing the data revolution to address some of the world’s most pressing issues. The Center has published several reports on sustainable development and the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) in partnership with the World Bank and other international organizations.
  • CLIMATE CHANGE: Our research on climate change includes the uses of data for verification of international agreements, adaptation, mitigation, and tracking climate finance. We are partnering with the World Resources Institute to develop a Climate Change Open Data Package, a practical resource for governments and civil society focused on the application of open data to climate change.


Our action-oriented tools and trainings help governments and businesses apply open data across sectors in the U.S. and globally. These include:

  • OPEN DATA IMPACT MAP: A project of the Open Data for Development Network (OD4D), the Open Data Impact Map is a public database of organizations that use open government data from around the world. It showcases open data use cases across 7 geographical regions and 13 sectors. The Impact Map was developed to provide governments, international organizations, and researchers with a more comprehensive understanding of the demand for open data. Visit the Impact Map here: www.OpenDataImpactMap.org
  • OPEN DATA FOR BUSINESS (OD4B) TOOL: The OD4B Tool is an assessment methodology that helps inform governments’ data strategies and investments to meet the needs of the private sector. The OD4B Tool works to increase private sector awareness of government data, identify high-value datasets, and develop action plans for governments to engage with business on an ongoing basis. The OD4B Tool has been used in eight countries to help drive economic growth, create jobs, and improve the investment climate by utilizing open data. For more information, contact laura@odenterprise.org
  • TRAININGS: Our trainings provide data providers and users with an introduction to demand-driven open data. These trainings focus on approaches to data management, privacy, and utilization. Specific trainings include Introduction to Data Policy, Understanding Your Data User, and Data Entrepreneurship 101. Trainings are available to groups and can be scheduled on request. For more information, email us at contact@odenterprise.org