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The Center for Open Data Enterprise hosts various types of Open Data Roundtables, which are action-oriented dialogues that bring together government agencies and the organizations that use their data. 

Federal agencies face many obstacles in making their data as accessible and usable as possible. Agencies have been working on these goals and the Roundtables will help identify scalable solutions across the government.

In 2016, The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Center for Open Data Enterprise co-hosted four Open Data Roundtables as part of a program to inform National Open Data Guidelines. The Roundtables were designed to:

These Roundtables brought together participants from Federal agencies, academic institutions, businesses, and nonprofits. The Roundtables also included experts  with technical, policy, and legal backgrounds.

2016 Open Data Roundtables
Recommendations from Data Providers and Data Users  
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Open Data and Privacy Roundtable
How can we open granular information while protecting privacy?
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Open Data and Data Quality Roundtable
What are the most efficient and scalable ways to improve data quality?
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Open Data for Sharing and Applying Research Data Roundtable
How can we best share and apply government-funded research data?
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Open Data and Public-Private Collaboration Roundtable
How can we collaborate to support open data?
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The Center for Open Data Enterprise thanks our Open Data Partner, Microsoft and our Open Data Supporter
Booz Allen Hamilton for supporting the Center’s work on the Open Data Roundtables.  
The U.S. Open Data Action Plan, released by the White House on May 9, 2014, describes these Roundtables as a key part of meeting the commitment to “support innovators and improve open data based on feedback.” 
Federal Agency Roundtables

The Center has also co-hosted eight Federal Agency Open Data Roundtables. These dialogues between data experts inside and outside of individual government agencies help extract the value of their data reserves. 

The Open Data Roundtables were originally launched as an initiative of the GovLab at NYU and are now run by the Center for Open Data Enterprise.